3 Reasons You Should Consider Installing a New Garage Door

There are many reasons why your garage door may stop working on you, resulting in the need for emergency garage door repairs. In some cases, however, it will be better to just replace the door rather than try to perform repairs. A professional will be in the best position to determine whether a repair or a replacement is necessary, as he or she will have the know-how, experience, and tools necessary to make this decision. Now, this isn't an easy decision, and several factors will weigh into this determination. If the door suddenly stops working, has a damaged panel, or feels heavy as it opens or closes, then it can likely be inexpensively repaired. However, there are a few instances when the door should be replaced. Keep reading to learn more about three instances when a replacement will be the better option for your garage door.

The Age of Your Garage Door

If there are obvious signs of wear and tear like significant dents on your existing garage door or if you have had to get repeated repairs over the years and continue to have the same issues with the door, then it is likely time to get the door replaced.

The Curb Appeal of Your Garage Door

Cosmetic issues are by far among the more common reasons why homeowners choose to have their garage door replaced. Over time, garage doors can become scratched, rusted, or even warped, depending on the type of material that the garage door is made out of. In some instances, the damage can be repaired; however, it may be better to simply spend the additional money to replace the door, particularly if you are intent on selling the home in the near future.

The Extent of the Damage to Your Garage Door

In some cases, garage doors can suffer damage as a result of severe weather, attempted theft, or an automobile accident. Sometimes, the damage can be so drastic that replacing the garage door is literally the only option because repairs simply won't be enough to get your garage door operational again.

Age, curb appeal, and damage are three things that will weigh into the determination of whether repairs or replacement will be needed for your garage door. If your garage door just hasn't been working right or has suffered extensive damage, contact a garage door installation professional to get help in determining whether a repair or replacement is best for your situation.