Four Signs Your Overhead Garage Door Has A Malfunctioning Motor

The garage door motor is an electrical device mounted on the garage ceiling near the door. It is located inside an automatic door opener, controlled by a remote control or door-mounted switch. When the opener is prompted, it signals the motor to open or close the door. If the motor is faulty, you may experience issues operating the door. Therefore, watch out for these four signs indicating your overhead garage door's motor is failing.

Door Opening Halfway

The garage door motor uses electrical power to lift and lower the garage door on command. It should operate the door smoothly, with no jerking or unusual movement. If the motor is malfunctioning due to wear and tear, worn gears, damaged bearings, or a damaged belt or chain, it will cause the door to hang halfway. Power surges or electrical faults can also damage the motor, causing the door to stall in midair. A door that opens or closes halfway can pose a security risk, especially if you fail to notice the unusual operation immediately.

Unresponsive Opener

Your garage door opener should respond to the remote control, smartphone app, or door switch. If the opener doesn't respond to the prompts, it may have a faulty motor. However, you should rule out other likely reasons for the unresponsiveness. Check the garage door opener's circuit breaker. If it has tripped, it can cut off power to the door, preventing the motor from working. Also, check whether your remote control's battery is working. If the breaker is on and the remote batteries are working, check the motor for damage.

Door Opening or Closing Intermittently

A faulty garage door motor can cause the door to reverse before reaching the ground, even when there is nothing in the way. The motor can also close the door unexpectedly without receiving any commands from the opener. Modern garage doors have safety sensors that signal the door to reverse when something is in its path. A faulty motor can fail to respond to these signals, causing the door to crash down on cars or people. Therefore, repair the motor immediately to prevent bodily injuries and property damage.

Unusual Noises in the Garage Door

If your door is vibrating when operating or making excessive noises, you should check its motor. Worn bearings, worn gears, a loose belt, or a lack of lubrication can cause the door to make grinding, squealing, or rattling noises. If your garage door tracks and rollers are in good condition, the motor is most likely to blame for the strange noises. Repair and lubricate it to restore smooth door operations.

A faulty motor can get you locked out of your garage, especially if you are unable to access the manual override. It can also compromise your home's security.

Contact a garage door motor repair technician if you notice the above signs.