2 Possible Reasons Why You May Need To Call An Emergency Repair Service For Your Home's Garage Door

Usually, when there is a problem with your garage door, it will give you warning signs before it breaks. For example, if the springs are in danger of breaking, you will notice that the door moves sluggishly and produces a loud screeching noise.

However, there are times when something will break unexpectedly, leaving you in a situation that you need to remedy as soon as possible. Below are a couple of possible situations when you may need to call an emergency repair service to fix an issue with your home's garage door.

1. The Door Refuses to Open Even Manually and Your Car Is Stuck Inside the Garage 

One possible reason why you may need the services of an emergency repair technician for your garage door is that the door becomes stuck closed and your car is still inside. Because you need to go to work, you may have tried to lift the door and release the emergency lever but still cannot get the door to budge.

If this has happened, the roller may have been knocked out of the tracks. Or, the garage door springs may have broken entirely and can no longer lift the door. An emergency technician can fix the issue to get your door open so you can get your car out as soon as possible.

2. The Door to Your Climate-Controlled Garage Is Stuck Open and Letting the Heat or Cool Air Out

Another possible situation that may arise when you may need emergency repairs is when the door refuses to close. Especially if your garage is climate-controlled and attached to your house, the open door will continue to let heat or cool air out until you can fix it.

In this case, the rollers may be jammed in the tracks or the door has become so out of alignment that it will no longer move. An emergency service can find and fix the issue so you can close the door before it causes a dramatic increase in your energy bills.

When you cannot leave your garage to go to work because the door refuses to open no matter what you try, you will need to have an emergency service come to your house as soon as possible to make the necessary repairs to let you out. Or, if the door is stuck open and letting all of the air out of your climate-controlled garage, you will need to fix it before your energy bills skyrocket. Contact an emergency garage door repair service in your area to have them send a technician to your house so they can fix the issue with the door as soon as possible.

For more information about emergency garage door repair, contact a local company.