Vinyl And Aluminum Hangar Doors

When it comes to hangar doors, you need to think about the material. Obviously, the door materials need to be lightweight so that the motor can lift them hundreds and thousands of time over their lifetime without putting to much stress on it. Materials like aluminum and vinyl are lightweight, yet stiff and strong. This article explains the main differences between an aluminum and vinyl door. Rusting Aluminum One of the biggest differences between aluminum and vinyl is that you have to worry about rust with aluminum.

3 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Garage Door In Good Shape

As a homeowner, you probably spend a good deal of time performing regular maintenance on different areas of your house. But while you may know to keep a close eye on your plumbing, electrical system or roof, there's one area of your home that can sometimes go overlooked: your garage door. You likely use your garage door at least twice a day during the week and yet it can be easy to forget to add it to your maintenance checklist.