The Biggest Garage Door Headaches To Repair, From Most Complicated To Least Complicated

Garage doors work great until they do not. Garage door repair services can fix all of the problems, regardless of how complicated these are. Here are most of the really big garage door headaches that require repair, from most to least complicated.

Most Complicated: Door Opener Does Not Work, Chain or Cable Is Busted, and the Door Has a Dent

As much damage as this is, your repair technician can still fix it. First, they hammer the dent out of the door or replace the dented panel so that it will allow the door to roll freely up and down. Then the technician checks the opener to diagnose the problem and fixes that. Then the chain or cable is replaced so that the opener is free to lift and lower the door, and because the dent or dented panel has been taken care of, the door will now open and close normally.

Not as Complicated: Door Will Not Roll Up or Down

The door rolls part way up or down, or lifts a few millimeters off the ground and then slams shut repeatedly. Maybe you hear the opener trying to make some effort, or just a steady clicking noise with no action. This is one of two things. One, the laser motion detector that signals the opener to open, remain shut, or stop moving because something like a human leg has broken the beam is not lined up. There is a laser on one side and a laser detector on the opposite side. They have to be perfectly lined up to send and receive the red laser beam. Second, the casters on the sides of the garage door are not uniformly in the guide track or one of the casters is jammed. Both these problems only require quick adjustments to get the door to move again.

Not Complicated at All: Power Source Issues

The garage door opener is not plugged in. The lights will not turn on. The switches for manual control do not work. These are all simple electrical problems that just require plugging in, wiring in, and turning on the power. Your technician will find where the power is lacking, and then make the quick and correct connections to make the door function again. It usually only takes about fifteen minutes or less, unless the electrical wiring job is all wrong because someone who was not a professional tried to do the job and did not quite get it right.

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