Several Key Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Garage Doors

Replacing the door that keeps your garage safe from the elements is a large investment, but it is necessary to keep the property looking attractive while also avoiding potential problematic issues and damages. Homeowners that have learned about these projects will be able to manage this upgrade with as few problems as possible.

Will Wood Garage Doors Be Susceptible To Rotting?

If you are replacing an old vinyl or aluminum garage door, you may want to opt for wood so that you can have a more naturally appearing garage door. While the wood that is used in these doors will be specially treated to make it highly resistant to rot, the wood will eventually start to develop rot. Fortunately, these doors are divided into a series of panels, and this will allow you to easily remove and replace the panels that have developed rot. Washing the garage door every few weeks can help to reduce this risk, and you can further improve the resilience of the wood by applying an all-weather finish to it.

Is It Necessary To Replace The Entire Garage Door System?

Unfortunately, some homeowners may assume that this type of upgrade will only involve changing the door to the garage. While this may be the case if you are opting for a garage door that was almost identical to your previous one, the same is not the case when changing materials. For example, a garage door that is made of steel or thick wood may be too heavy for garage door systems that are calibrated for lighter materials. In fact, these heavy materials could cause the motor to fail and the railings to weaken. Therefore, it can be a wise choice to have the load bearing components of the previous garage door system upgraded before starting the installation for the new garage door.

Are Garage Doors Heavy To Manually Open?

There can be instances where a garage door's motor may not work correctly. Being faced with one of these situations can be stressful as you assume that the door will be extremely heavy. Luckily, these systems are designed so that they can be fairly easy to raise and lower. Many garage doors will have secondary openers, backup power sources, and other precautions.If you are having difficulty with raising and lowering the door due to it being misaligned on the railing, you should avoid attempting to use the door until it has been repaired. Otherwise, the uneven weight distribution could cause the rail to break, warp or experience or major damages.