Tips To Help You Secure Your Garage

How secure is your garage? How many valuable things do you store in your garage? Is your garage an access point to the inside of your home? If you haven't given the security of your garage much thought, now's the time to do it. Here, you will learn about different options that you have to ensure that the locks on your garage will keep unwanted intruders from gaining access to what's stored inside.

Lock Options for your Garage Door

You have four different types of locks to consider for your garage security upgrade, including:

Electronic Lock – This lock is installed and will electronically lock and unlock your garage door. This can be done using either a remote control or a key panel on the wall near your garage door. A short pin code is inputted and the garage door will open or close as commanded.

Anchor Lock – This type of lock utilizes a bolt mechanism that secures the door using anchors that are drilled into the flooring at the base of the garage door. Typically, this lock is installed on the interior side of the door and can only be accessed from inside.

Bolt Lock – This type of lock also utilizes a bolt mechanism. The difference in this lock from the anchor lock is that it is secured to the door track rather than the anchor on the floor. This lock can be accessed from inside or outside the door using a key on the outside and a knob on the inside. This is much like the deadbolt lock you have on your front door.

Padlock – This type of lock is probably the most basic. It utilizes at hasp and lock system to secure the door. The hasp is installed into the concrete flooring or can be installed on the door track. Once the hasp is in place, the padlock is used to keep it secure. They can be installed internally or externally.

Additional Security Tips for your Garage

If your garage has windows, make sure that the windows all have good locks on them and that the locks are actually engaged.

Don't forget to connect the doors and windows in your garage to your home security system. It won't cost much, but it will give you the peace of mind in knowing that you will be alerted if someone attempts to enter your garage.

Always lock your garage door opener in your glovebox. You don't want anyone to access the remote and use it to program a universal remote that can be used to open your garage door.

Talk with your local garage doors expert to learn more about securing your garage.