5 Factors That Impact The Cost Of Installing A New Garage Door

If your garage door has reached the end of its life and is no longer worth fixing anymore, you need to consider investing in a new garage door. When you invest in a new garage door, five primary factors impact the overall cost of your garage door.

#1 Material

The type of material that you choose can have a big impact on the cost of your garage door. Vinyl garage doors are usually the most affordable material type. Fiberglass and aluminum garage doors falling right in the middle price wise.  Wood and steel garage doors fall on the higher end of price range for a garage door. Of course, there are variations on the qualities of each of the previously listed materials, with a range in price for each material as well.

#2 Technology

Installing a garage door that you manually open and close is going to be cheaper than installing a garage door that can automatically open. Automatic garage doors have become the standard though, so if you know you want to sell your home down the road, it is generally best to go with an automatic garage door.

#3 Size

A garage door for a single-car garage is going to be smaller than a garage door for a double-car garage. The bigger the garage door, the more you are going to pay for it. The cost doesn't exactly double the larger your garage door gets, but it does increase in price.

When ordering a garage door, always have a professional come out and measure your garage door opening. You need to take exact measurements when installing a garage door, and a professional can help ensure your order is accurate.

#4 Decorative Accents

Next, the decorative accents you add to your garage door will impact the cost. If you want to add windows, the expense of your garage door is going to rise. If you install lights on the side of your garage door, your costs will rise. Adding decorative accents can make your garage more of a statement piece, and may offer you a bigger return on your investment though.

#5 Installation

Finally, the installation method you choose will impact the cost of your new garage door. You can save some money by installing your garage door yourself. However, in order to install the garage door yourself, you are going to need the expertise, tools, and strength to get the job done.

Hiring a professional to install your garage door may cost you a little money, but it will save you time and energy. When a professional installs your garage door, you will also generally get a warranty to back up the installation process.

Many factors impact the overall cost of installing a new garage door. The size of the garage door, the material it is made out of, the technology that is installed, and the decorative elements, all impact the overall cost of installing a new garage door. The choices you make regarding these matters can greatly vary the cost of your new garage door.