Can You Replace Your Garage Panels On Your Own?

Replacing or upgrading your garage doors is a great investment. New garage panels can have a huge impact on the style of your property. Remember, the garage doors are a huge feature, and they are highly visible and noticeable. It is also popular remodel because you can often do the work yourself. If you can change out the panels on your own, you can save a lot of money on the project. This article explains how to determine whether or not you will be able to replace your own garage door panels.

Ordering Your New Panels

Before you actually start of the work, you will need to order your panels and have them delivered to your property. Double check that they are the right size before you start to remove your existing panels. You will obviously have better luck if you can find panels directly from the original manufacture of your garage.

Are Your Frames in Good Shape?

First, you need to check the integrity of your garage panels and frames. That is, if any of your existing frames or panels are bent, kinked, or cracked, you might not be able to handle the project yourself. This article only explains how to replace panels assuming bad frames are in good condition. If the frames are damaged, the entire garage might collapse as soon as the panels are removed. However, if the frames seem to be in good condition, you can probably remove your existing panels easily, and then install the new ones.

Removing Your Existing Panels

Removing the panels is usually very easy and can be done with just a power drill. Once you remove all of the mounting screws, the panel can pop right out of the frame. However, you don't want to remove all of the panels at once. You want to take out one panel, then immediately install the new panel before you move on to the next frame.

Installing the Panels

Installing the panels is a two person job because you don't want them to bend or break during the process. Basically, with one person on each end, you pop the panel into the frame. Then, while one person holds the panel in place, the other has to go inside the garage and secure the mounting screws. Overall, you will be surprised how simple this project is, and how it makes such a huge impact on your home style.

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